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I’m Back – and still Furious

Did you miss me?

I apologise for my disappearance. Two years ago – just after the Carers Virtual Strike I went to a Carers conference and came out so sunk in despair that I practically threw myself under a bus.

The problem?

The huge divide between the narrative of the carers’ charity that ran the conference and the actuality of my life and those of so many I knew.

Carers have twice the average rate of suicide – and I’m not surprised.

So for my own protection I took a break. But the super ideas of Theresa May and her ilk to improve the lot of carers – latest mad manifesto offer: take a free 12 months unpaid from work to save the state £65,700, why dontcha? – have lured me out from my place of relative rest.

So I’m back. And still furious. Watch this space!