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I’ve been a family carer for 14 years now, ever since my daughter developed what they euphemistically called “hard to control epilepsy” at primary school. In fact her epilepsy has never been controlled, though sometimes it is held at bay. (Not often though).  She is a brave, positive and resourceful young woman and as her carer I want to support her to as much freedom as possible. Unfortunately she can’t ever be left alone, so the freedom is horribly relative.

Over these years, the toll on my own health, career, income and personal life has been profound.  It has also had a profound effect on the lives of my other two children. Yet as a carer,  I am one of the lucky ones because I have been able to work freelance around my daughter’s condition.

I am horrified at the sheer waste of talent and ability that is occurring because carers are not supported sufficiently by the state. I am campaigning for change

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