May the Ingrate

Today the media’s full of pictures of the Prime Minister of  Britain and her Chancellor laughing heartily at the thought of continuing to freeze the pay of our energency and public service workers. Just to be clear, that’s the very doctors, nurses, firefighters, police and ambulance crews May and her government have relied on so heavily to help them out of the various fine messes their domestic and foreign policy has got them into over the last few weeks.

Actions speak louder than words, don’t they?

You want to look at pictures of these overpaid entitled ingrates look  elsewhere – and if you were one of those who voted for them I hope you are hanging your diminished head in shame.

Instead here’s a picture of a wounded lion from the Assyrian Lion hunt of Ashurbanipal.  Lions were rounded up (or indeed, bred specially), caged, and released in an arena where the king, heavily guarded, and in a chariot,  shot them down to show how brave he was.

This was another day when Ms F and I have been relying on our poor wounded NHS. Somehow the picture seems appropriate.



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