The Magic Money Tree -a MayDUP conceit?

17905234-money-tree-isolatedI was going to write about the PIP assessment I attended last week as MsF’s advocate.

But, after May’s gift (bribe?) yesterday of a billion pounds – can I repeat that –ONE BILLION JOLLY OLD BRITISH QUID-  to bring on board 10 members of the anti-abortion, climate-change-denying DUP with their electoral share of 290,000 yesterday, to prop up ‘the will of the people’ when ‘the people’ unaccountably failed – no! no! no!

So much for that stale old trope of the magic money tree. Seems there was one after all, right?

Excuse the bitterness.

In my 18 unremitting years as unpaid carer for those I love and can’t abandon, I’ve worked so  damn hard, caring 168hweek after 168hweek after month  after month year on year back-to-back and unsupported (and the last few years, caring for 2 separate people). I haven’t had any holiday whatsoever from care in 3 1/2 years. I wake up exhausted.

And I’m not alone. There’s an estimated one million other very very fulltime carers out there, working as hard as I do. That’s a helluva lot of people to disregard.

And people’s response?  “You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You need me time. Take a break.”

No shit, Sherlock. No need to victim-blame. We carers don’t want to be hard on ourselves, folks. No, we want as easy a life as anyone else.

But in all the time I’ve been carer you could talk of carers’  needs – you could mention, ask, demand, yell, collapse even- and there was never political will or money to ameliorate the situation for me or the other 1 million Marthas like me. Sleek elected souls who felt entitled to charge the public purse £30 for breakfast, would endlessly mouth the same mantra: No magic money tree.

And now it turns out that if May had needed us carers enough, she could have fished behind the sofa and given the whole million of us £1000 a head, without batting an eyelid. Just like that!

No magic money tree, Mrs May?

You sure as shit found a whole magic money orchard the moment you discovered ‘the will of the people’ had disappeared and you needed to buy a few extra parliamentary votes to prop up your discredited beliefs and party.


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