2014: the year YOU recognise you need to care for Carers?

I blogged this in January – and then started the Carers Virtual Strike. Party conference time. How are we doing?

Carer with Attitude!

January. Its the time of year to set out your stand.. so here is mine.

In 2014 I want to make the whole of Britain recognise and recompense  the nation’s  unpaid  carers.  Not for justice – though it would be just. But to ensure we have a robust response to the caring crisis that is coming upon us.

I want: non-means tested Carers Benefit, a relaxation on earning constraints for carers, and an occupational pension-scheme-equivalent for all fulltime carers to reflect our long years of hard work. Additionally, targeted careers advice and training; reform to social housing ideology and practice; and a guarantee from the state that money for carers is only given to organisations that offer properly targeted transport-accessible help that is fit for purpose  to all the people need it. Full details here:  https://carerwithattitudeuk.wordpress.com/five-simple-ways-to-change-carers-futures/.

And I am expecting help from everyone – particularly all activists and…

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  1. Election year next year folks. Imagine if we carers didn’t vote for our favourite politicians, and were unable to facilitate our caree’s in voting as well?
    I have taken advantage of the Labour party’s conference to hound all Labour councillors within a 25 mile radius regarding the plight of the family carer and this manifesto.


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