TUC – We are workers too. Represent us!

It feels like everybody at the top is doing well but everybody else is going to have to suffer”  says TUC chief  Frances O’Grady  on the Today programme  this morning.

Couldn’t  agree more, Frances. Its just that you and I might have varying ideas of where ‘the top’ starts. For me, its with anyone who is entitled to pay, sick pay, holiday pay, European working time directive – oh and who the Unions are prepared to represent because they are ‘workers.’ I  get none of the aforementioned because the TUC  – although their health and social care work members are dependent on me working round the clock for nothing – elect to describe me as ‘not a worker.’

(To my face, on one occasion. The person in question  was lucky enough to be on strike because – unlike me – they  could withdraw their labour without risk of fatality to someone near and dear.


I am far from disputing the injustice of the last twenty years of widening pay and increasing inequality. But like most injustices the tendency is  to look at people better off than oneself. Ms O’Grady mentioned the injustice of unbridled boardroom pay increases and MPs increases against falling wages and a drop in living standards.

Shall we look downwards for a moment?

Ms O’Grady, the unjust situation of millions of carers should not be overlooked by you and the TUC  any more than it is overlooked by Iain Duncan Smith and the UK government! As an unpaid carer who is still getting the same big fat nothing for my continual 168 hour weeks  that the TUC were happy for me to receive last year, the year before, the decade before that -in fact, every year since I became a carer, I would love the unions to be much less philosophical about my fate than they have been! 

Sod philosophical!  I want the unions to be as outraged about my life, my fate,  as they would be over their own if it were like mine!

If we want a truly equal society it has to be equal for all.

The first step to being taken seriously is proper representation.

No, not as ‘community members’. We need to be counted.

So, come on, who is going to take us on?


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