Carers Strike Today – VIRTUALLY

Today’s  the  Carers Virtual Strike day of action. And never was a day of action more aptly named, because – of course – today the unpaid family  carers of the UK will be working our socks off as normal.

Join us in our fight for justice – and our simple, reasonable and affordable demands. Each sign-up to the strike sends an email to Iain Duncan Smith, asking him to implement the Carer’s Manifesto.

If the people signed up to this strike  by this morning dropped dead of exhaustion it would cost the UK  nearly £125MILLION to replace us. For a year. £125 MILLION is a lot of money, but its  just the tip of the iceberg when we look at the real cost of unpaid care.If every carer signed up, the replacement costs of us all would be truly staggering.

As carers, Virtual Strike Day will, of course,  be business as usual.  So how will you be spending the day? Tell us, please and, if possible, send one or more of the following that we can put online:

  •     Tweet about your day – hashtagged  #CarersVirtualStrike
  •     Tweet  a selfie, hashtagged  #Strikerselfie  #CarersVirtualStrike
  •     Send us a photo to   or to
  •     Email us and tell us what would be happening to your loved one if you weren’t there today …

You can be as public or anonymous as you like – but please remember in every case  to  safeguard the privacy and  identity of the person you care for.

We Carers continue to get a raw deal but this Virtual Strike is the one way we can demand justice without harming those we love and care for. Waiting for people to notice us has not worked. If we make a fuss, kick up a twitter storm, and shame everyone into recognising how much they need us, yet take us for granted, we may finally achieve some of the things we need to make our futures better than our past .

Have a good day!

Click here for the Guardian Social Care Network coverage  on  WHY we carers are on virtual strike

Business as usual



  1. So… today is Care To Strike day, where instead of actually striking (we can’t), we post the truth about what we contribute. As a start, Carer’s Allowance is £61.35 PW, it is taxable and not a passport benefit that entitles you to things like free sight tests.

    Sam and Harry both have needs that entitle me to Carer status, but you can only claim for one. Sam is assessed as needing 24 hour support; MW is £6.31 so that’s £1060 PW (plus pennies)….. if we had respite I would deduct it; we don’t. I used to work as a carer in my younger days, I was paid sleeping in rates then.

    Harry sleeps a little better so I will remove the six hours he sleeps most nights…. £795. Again, no respite.

    Sebastian- now we don’t claim for him but his Lead Paediatrician tells us we should (we’re lacking both paperwork and energy). He DOES have a Statement of Educational Need though. Bas is 24/7 as he won’t even sleep without me next to him, so another £1060. Again no respite.

    Therefore- my £61.35 balances £2000+, forgetting the fact that when Sam is in meltdown, two adults would be required by any care agency.

    I don’t expect that, clearly; even if the UK could afford it, these are my kids. But £61.35 is quite low when they ask you to prove working 35 hours PW.

    Here’s what we DO want:

    ‘We are not striking for much in terms of what the world takes for granted. Most shop stewards would laugh at our modest demands. But no unions will represent us because we’re not ‘workers’. What we are asking for would make an enormous difference to our lives and futures compared to the pat on the head that is all we currently get.

    We want:

    1: Carers Allowance for all live-in carers, irrespective of age or employment, just as DLA/PIP is given to those we care for.

    2: A state-funded occupational pension scheme for each fulltime carer to reflect what we might expect to have if we were working, say, only an 80 hours a week at minimum wage.

    3: Solid practical careers advice and training for working-age carers to help us train for and sustain appropriate work within our environment and to provide us with the luxury of a working life should our caring duties finish

    4: Social housing to recognise the requirements of disability and caring in the allocation of rooms. Sufficient appropriate accommodation purpose-built for the disabilities of the local population – because if it is not provided this is a huge stress on carers.

    5: State money ONLY given to organisations that offer properly targeted transport-accessible fit-for-purpose help for every carer who needs it.’

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  2. Why don’t all carers demand 24 hours respite care for the same date, its an easy way to bring carnage to this heartless government, and push the problem to the top for media attention………. Just a thought………


    1. It’s an excellent idea in theory, Ian – but its often very hard to get respite care. I was caring for 12 years before we were ever offered a single hour.

      This is because this government – and the last – and the ones before that, have all based their handling of NHS and Social Care finances on the concept that a huge amount of caring word should be undertaken unpaid and unsupported within the family…


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