Carers: was that a Bank HOLIDAY?

Was this a ‘holiday weekend’ for you the family carer, or was it just another couple of  long days like all the others in the year?

Perhaps this Bank Holiday was worse than other days because there was less chance of respite/cover/transport/shopping/medical assistance than at other times? Come on – get real. People have to take a break you know. Unless you are a fulltime family carer!

Hundreds of thousands – millions – of us UK family carers work round the clock for love. In conditions most people do not think possible. Yes, the people whoworry about the state of the world, who talk about sweatshops, who are angered about unpaid interns, who sign petitions and boycott companies to improve third-world working conditions – yet how many of you ever notice the army of unpaid unrecognised workers on your doorstep working every hour in the day for nothing?

If the word ‘holiday’ was a mockery to the day you lived today, sign up to join the Carers Virtual Strike (- here) .

For most people June 21st is  only the longest day. But this June 21st will be different. Because, this year, Britain’s hardest workers will finally go on strike.  A strike with a difference – we Carers will only be withdrawing our labour virtually. And so, unlike a real strike, our loved ones will stay alive and safe and protected.

Of course, we can’t go on real strike – because our loved ones would suffer – but we can demonstrate the real cost of the care we give and the work we do each day – not because we are saints, but because there are no other humane choices

Why are we striking?

You can read our manifesto here – FIVE simple cheap ways to revolutionise Carers’ futures. A plea for some kind of equitable treatment. To be seen as important by virtual  social activists, movers, shakers, insurrectionists, care organisations, government departments, health professionals, charities, political parties, unions.

Because, lets face it, fellow carers. We might as well be invisible.  And if nobody else will support us, the only support we can get is from each other.

Carers – what are you doing on Virtual Strike Day?

Yes, yes, yes, you will be caring. Of course. What else?   But will your soul be on Strike?





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